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Return to Training Policy


To assist HC swimmers maintain their health and well being in the sport, as well as later in life, a staged return to training procedure has been outlined. The aim of this procedure is to reduce time out of the water due to recurring illness or injury, from overloading the swimmer during recovery, as this prevents a swimmer from maintaining consistent training loads. 

The procedure for returning to training is outlined below. To ensure all members of the swimmer's care team are on the same page it is asked that swimmer's share this plan with their medical practitioner who can provide further instruction if necessary. 

Return to training procedure (Injury):

  • In the event of an injury, a swimmer is to continue to attend sessions they would ordinarily attend, with a modified program. The swimmer in consultation with their medical practitioner and coach may modify the activities, duration and intensity of the session. Keeping the mind and body regulated during this period of recover to see a return to full training sooner. Swimmers will struggle mentally when returning to a normal schedule after time away, so it is recommended to keep to a normal rhythm of attending. 

Return to training procedure (illness) 

  • to prevent the spread of illness a swimmer should not attend training whilst acutely unwell (with a communicable condition)
  • The return to training depends on the duration of the swimmer's absence from the pool and impact of their illness upon their physiological capacity 
  • 1 week or less: no change to return to training other than swimmer working heart rate at only 150 for 1 week, with a few sprints within the session 
  • 1-2 weeks: return to normal squad at 50% attendance on 1st week 75% on second week and full training on 3rd week
  • 3 weeks or more: Target/National swimmers slide to state and begin with 4-5 sessions per week to decrease intensity and maintain technique/skills. State swimmer's slide to H2O and begin with 3 or less sessions of reduced intensity and good technique/skills. A swimmer will build back to their assigned squad over the course of 1 month. 
  • Swimmers in Junior, Junior Racers and H2O will return to training in their assigned squads, as there is enough recovery time between sessions; however, for the first 2 weeks swimmers will maintain heart rate at 150BPM, with sprints limited to 25m or less in duration to reintroduce speed. 

Note: in the first month of any season, this procedure will not apply. 

We hope this information provides guidance for swimmers, and their support team when navigating illness and/or injury.

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