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HC Club Championships

We are really excited to inform members that HC will recommence the annual Club Championships on Saturday 12th August 2023. This meet is targeted towards Junior Racers, Junior, Matrix, H20, State Gold/Silver/Bronze and Target Squads. National swimmers who are not racing into New Zealand are welcome to participate.

Warmup will be at 4.00pm and first event will commence at 4.30pm


  • Event 1  50m Freestyle 10/U male
  • Event 2  50m Freestyle 10/u female
  • Event 3  50m Freestyle 11 year male
  • Event 4 50m Freestyle 11 year female
  • Event 5 100m Freestyle 12 years Male
  • Event 6 100m Freestyle 12 year female
  • Event 7 100m Freestyle 13/over Male
  • Event 8 100 Freestyle 13/over Female


  • Event 9  50m Breast 10/U male
  • Event 10  50m Breast 10/u female
  • Event 11  50m Breast 11 year male
  • Event 12 50m Breast 11 year female
  • Event 13 100m Breast 12 years Male
  • Event 14100m Breast 12 year female
  • Event 15 100m Breast 13/over Male
  • Event 16 100 Breast 13/over Female


  • Event 17  50m Back  10/U male
  • Event 18  50m Back 10/u female
  • Event 19  50m Back 11 year male
  • Event 20 50m Back 11 year female
  • Event 21 Back 12 years Male
  • Event 22 Back 12 year female
  • Event 23 100m Back 13/over Male
  • Event 24 100 Back 13/over Female


  • Event 25  50m Fly 10/U male
  • Event 26  50m Fly 10/u female
  • Event 27  50m Fly 11 year male
  • Event 28 50m Fly 11 year female
  • Event 29 100m Fly 12 years Male
  • Event 30 100m Fly 12 year female
  • Event 31100m Fly 13/over Male
  • Event 32 100 Fly 13/over Female

Medals, for first, second and third in each event will be awarded for each female and male swim..

Two trophies will be awarded to the most improved female and male swimmer at the HC Club Championships. Points will be allocated for each swim equal or faster than personal best times.  It is suggested swimmers post an official time with Swimming Tasmania prior to the HC Club Championships to maximise points . It is advised swimmers attend a time trial on Saturday 22nd July to compete in any events above to post an official time. Long course conversion times will also be used. 

Points will be allocated for each event for the follows:

Equal to (or within 1 second) best time 1 point 

Up to 1sec improvement 2 points

1-2 Sec off 3 points

2 or more seconds 4 points 

Entries for the HC Club Championships will be open 1 month prior  https://pool.collegiate.tas.edu.au/hc-swim-club/upcoming-hc-events/

Entry cost for the whole event is $25.00 per swimmer for this evening. A formal presentation and pizza will be conducted at 7.00pm and conclude at 7.30pm.

Kind regards

Coaching team HC Swim Club

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