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  • My Swimming Journey
    Moving from St Peters Western to HC Swim Club This year I moved from Brisbane, in Queensland, to Hobart, here. Before I moved, I went to St Peters, and had swum with a group […]
  • It’s not all about the swim session program
    Throughout my extensive coaching experience, I have observed that swimmers, parents, and coaches often place excessive importance on the swimming programs themselves as the key to improvement. However, based on my own experience, I […]
  • In for the Long Game
    2 weeks ago I started a new job as an acoustic engineer, and no, I’m not a DJ.  Despite doing an engineering degree, I don’t actually know anything about acoustic engineering so it’s been […]
  • The Importance of Body Position
    Have you ever tried to run through water? No matter how hard you try, your legs don’t move as fast as they do on land, you get pushed off balance and instinctively try to […]
  • Sophie's Swimming Journey
    Most swimmers begin their competitive phase of swimming, through joining a club program between the ages of eight and twelve years of age. Competitive swimming is swimming at the highest level of stroke ability […]

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