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  • The Importance of Body Position
    Have you ever tried to run through water? No matter how hard you try, your legs don’t move as fast as they do on land, you get pushed off balance and instinctively try to […]
  • Sophie's Swimming Journey
    Most swimmers begin their competitive phase of swimming, through joining a club program between the ages of eight and twelve years of age. Competitive swimming is swimming at the highest level of stroke ability […]
  • Dolphin kick
    Dolphin kick has completely transformed the sport of swimming becoming known as swimming’s fifth stroke. Dolphin kick is one of the best ways to improve overall race times and efficiency in the pool. Underwater […]
  • The importance of good breathing habits in Freestyle
    Swimmers who maintain efficiency and produce stronger finishes in 200 metre freestyle races, have a better understanding of their own breathing habits. The energy system used for this type of event is largely anaerobic, […]
  • How to balance training and life as an age group swimmer
    How to balance training and life as an age group swimmer Many age group swimmers (between ages 10 – 17years) and their parents can find trying to balance swimming demands overwhelming. Having a swimmer […]

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