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Joe Pemberton - Information Night

Event Overview

Joe Pemberton is a Strength Coach; owner of Hobart Strength Training in Sandy Bay, and Sydney Strength Training in Sydney; and an online coach for Barbell Medicine - an evidence based online coaching company based in America.

Joe’s swam at Hutchins and Collegiate Swimming Club from ages 12 to 16. A backstroker initially, it didn’t take Joe long to gravitate towards 50 and 100m freestyle where he achieve national age group medals, and eventually open top 10 performances.

When Joe graduated from Hutchins in 2003 he earned a sports and academic scholarship at The University of Sydney, where Joe joined their sprint specialist program.

At the age of 20 Joe was burnt out from swimming, giving it away to focus on a career as a Chartered Accountant. Post-swimming Joe pursued competitive strongman, and powerlifting. After a few years Joe realised that working in an office, wearing a suit, and having a boss, wasn’t for him so turned his attention to personal training.

Joe has worked with a number of high level athletes - of note Joe took care of the S&C program's for James Magnussen (multiple world champion, and olympic medalist), and Lewis Blackburn (open national medalist).

Although Joe’s businesses focus on strength training for the general population, he has a passion for sustainable athletic development not only for short and medium term sports performance, but to ensure people are fit, healthy, and happy across their lifespans. 

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